Sunday, 16 December 2007

Age of Empires Strategy:Crush or Fast Castle

This is one of the most popular strategy used these days in Age of Empires and is based upon the Knight Rush.

1.Civs favorable for fast castle strategy:-The cavalry civilizations are favorable with huns being hot fav.Particularly those civs which have an advantage of research are better.Examples are franks;their knights are 20% stronger and they have free farm research.Huns save wood as they dont make houses,vikings have free wheelbarrow ,so faster vils,persians have faster work rate etc.

2.Timing:-The ideal castle age timing is around 16 mins.I have seen ppl doing castle age as early as 13 mins but its not of any use.

3.The Fast Castle Strategy:-

HCCCCbuild 2 houses(1 house with 1 vil and the other with 2 vils)

Scout:-Explore with scout in circles.As soon as you find 4 sheep,bring 1 to TC for eating,keep others for exploring.

>>Keep clicking vils unless you have 6 on sheep and 3 on wood.

Click Loom:-While loom is being done build a lumber camp with the 3 vils on wood.

10th vil on boar,build a house near boar and then lure it.Make sure that the 6 vils having sheep finish it before they hunt the boar.

Click vils on bush and build a mill near it.

16th vil:-Goes to lure the second boar and builds a house.

17th vil goes for wood

vils upto 20 go for sheep

21st,22nd,23rd are farmers.

24th and 25th go to mine gold.

Click Feud:-While going feud you can either go for hunting with 4 vils or go for farming according to your civ.Make sure you have 300 wood as soon as you reach feud.

Feudal Age:-Once in feudal age click 5 vils on gold.

With 2 vils build a smithy and a market.
As soon as you have 30/30 you will be in a position to click castle.

While advancing do the lumber camp research and build one barrack and 2 stables.

Take care that you have enough food and gold so that you can take out atleast 4 knights(2 from each stable).

Castle age:-Once in castle click on 4 knights and build a TC near your main gold mine or your lumber camp.

Knights:-They are very costly,so take care with their attack,use them to raid the enemy's base,dont go near to his TC and keep
away from spearmans.

4.Precautions to be taken:-As your are going fast castle you are vulnerable to flush(Feudal Rush) and trush(Tower rush).Use the house bug to detect them and build walls wherever necessary.

5.Effective use:-Dont let your knights idle around.If you are successful in confining your opponent near his TC,then make siege and destroy his TC with onager or ram.

6.Aztecs and Mayans:-These 2 civs dont have knights.Explore the option of Eagle warrior.They are much cheaper so can be made more in number.Although they are weaker than knights they are very effective in raiding.For these two civs lay more emphasis on gold than food.And the important research is the first smithy research.For more info read The Eagle Warrior.


Anonymous said...

Nice guide, but i dont get enough wood, with only 5 guys as lumberjack, what can I do? Did you make a mistake in the guide?

Freaky Guy said...

you can go for more lumberjackers..
just get enough food to click castle in time..u can always transfer a vil from one spot to another to get balanced resources

Cannonball said...

huns are most ideal for crush.. when i played last time i did a flush with
5 scouts then at castle used 10 tarkans and raided the enemy town. but you need to have atleast 3 TC and keep building more villagers for your economy to boom as well as raid frequently

Sriram said...

raiding with tarkans is not a good option..
their attack bonus is mainly against raid wid knights and cavalry archers

Anonymous said...

Bah. I'm rusty and I usually get to Castle by 14 minutes regardless of civ. It can be done in 11 minutes if you do it right.

Freaky Guy said...

yeah,you can go in 11 mins,but you wont have the resources to do a knight rush.In fact fastest castle time is around 10 mins with 15 vils.

ayush said...

Can anyone tell me what is the weakpoint of elite throwing axeman....they r quite cheap nd simply eat upon the infantry

Freaky Guy said...

try ranged unit like archers or skirms against them..they will handle the axemen easily..

ANANTHA said...

at what minute we need to advance to feudal age?

Anonymous said...

i regularly get 11 min with the chinese, starting with 5 villagers is so helpful

abhishek said...

how do we counter champions..??

Anonymous said...


Freaky Guy said...

oh thanks for the comment anonymous. I would like to add that archers are a cheaper way to counter them.

catintexas said...

wouldn't sending those 3 sheep out exploring put you at a loss? They have such terrible line of sight as well. I'm probly wrong cus i suck, takes me like 20 minutes to castle

Anonymous said...

what do I do with the vills that are jobless after the bushes and bores are consumed?

Anonymous said...

i hav made it but in frotrees and in 30 sec
note:fortress does not continue sheeps and low boar

Anonymous said...

i wanna know upgrades timing pls ... !!

hanime said...

This guide is not thorough enough. Needs timestamps at Feudal and Castle. Following this guide, I cannot get 300 wood when I reach Feudal. I got about 10 vils doing nothing after bushes are fully consumed. After Feudal is when it gets cloudy.

Atul said...

n wat abt the it not useless to go to castle without having enough stone for building a castle............maybe there is some better way of advancing castle faster..........

Anonymous said...

Just sell resources to get the 200gold to up an have workers on stone so you can castle drop in his base

amit singh said...

nice guide! But I think feudal attack using archers will screw the players who go for castle rush.

Nick Smith said...

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AoE Realm said...

flush with archers, bring some knights, go guard resources areas and block opponent's progress